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"We the People" not "YOU PEOPLE" Let's take our Country back... one County at a time!

The Truth about AZ House Candidate LD5
George Schnittgrund

george schnittgrund

Come and Take it OBAMA!! Second Amendment Rally in Mohave County Arizona

January 25th 2013, high noon, in front of the Mohave County Sheriff Office over 150 men and women (and some kids too) peacefully did exercise their first and second amendment to send a message to Mr. Obama and all the other tyrants that want to disarm the American People or implement any type of gun registration or ban...
"in Mohave County Arizona We will not comply! COME AND TAKE IT!"
We also supported our County Sheriff Tom Sheahan for his official stand in not enforcing any future assault weapon ban or registration in Mohave County.
At the event law abiding Citizens were carrying numerous "assault weapons" among those AK47, M14, the "sinister" AR15, all with those extremely high capacity magazines...
but, strangely enough, nobody got "assaulted" or hurt... Everybody was cordial, polite, safe and we all had a great time, sharing flowers, hugs and love for our Constitution and fellow Americans.
I think we were the safest place all over Mohave County.

watch the video here and feel free to share with everybody

Luca Zanna


My Federal Lawsuit against Mohave County:
Case dismissed, Serfs go back to your shacks
by Gianluca Zanna

Tom Sockwell is gone... finally!!!
Great Job new County Supervisor Hildy Angius

Thank You Con-gressman Trent Franks

Now America is under martial law!!!
by Gianluca Zanna

Dr. Don Wagner local Talk Radio in Mohave County Exposes Chemtrails
LISTEN HERE 11/9/2011 Show

Residents not happy with Mohave County Board of Health
Questions about barium, other elements in blood left unanswered

Court kills case of man arrested in Kingman for not removing cap
Ruling a dark night for dress code advocates
Jim Kanelos

Learn about Chemtrails in Mohave County

Column: Put Sockwell out to pasture

Sockwell's health board credentials questioned

Video raises doggy entrapment questions in Kingman

County republicans may say no to BOS if property taxes increase

Become a precinct commit man, you can make a difference!

Mohave County Precinct Committeemen and women are fed up
with another property tax increase (over 24%) by our "Republicans"
County Supervisors...

A resolution never before proposed it has been put on the floor to be voted... and it did pass!!!
If the County Supervisors will vote for another property
tax increase, the GOP Central committee of Mohave County,
will NOT support their re-election!!!

Download application to become a PC here

Is the MVD in Kingman doing Illegal gun registration?

Breaking News May 13 2011
Toxic Barium and Aluminum in the Blood found
in several Mohave County Residents

(some from Phoenix and Texas too)

Mervin Fried mohave countyMervin Fried, the Pitchfork man, found NOT guilty!!!
"The judge ruled as “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable” that Mohave County Manager Ron Walker allowed other protestors to enter the administration building wearing holstered handguns but denied access to Fried for wearing a “holstered” pitchfork."
One more victory for WE THE PEOPLE!! And we have just started!

Read the whole court ruling here

Breaking News March 08 2011
3rd Person in Golden Valley Tests Positive
for EXTREMELY High Levels of Barium in the blood
10 is the maximum, he has 130!

Man arrested for wearing a hat at Mohave County Meeting AZ

Mohave County denies "...the Right of the People peaceably to assemble..."

February 08 2011 Mohave County
Congr. Trent Franks Office denies evidence
of Chemtrails in Mohave County

Support our local independent Radio Stations: KTOX AM
Ktox Am

Mohave County fascistic new world order Cats & Dogs Ordinance

National Bank of Arizona Gun Free Zone... not on our watch

Who we are
We are a spontaneous grassroot group of Americans Citizens living in Mohave County, Arizona.
We are non partisan, non affiliated to any political organization or party.
We are all bonded together for the common purpose to defend our Constitutional and inalienable God given Rights guaranteed by our US and Arizona Constitution.
Our goals:
1) To stand United for Individual and Property Rights in Mohave County.
2) To obtain County government transparency.
3) To guarantee God given individual rights and limit the government intrusion in our lives.

4) To recall (when necessary) Elected officials that are not fulfilling their oath office to defend our State and US Constitution, and they forget their obligation as public servants to defend our individual rights.
(Article 2, Section 2 of the Arizona Constitution: “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and re established to protect and maintain individual rights.”)
5) To support new Candidates
that fit our criteria of Limited government and Constitutional rights
for every County and State position available.
6) To lower property taxes caused by irresponsible, unconstitutional and wasteful government behavior.

No membership fees or dues.
Everybody that is not a jerk, non violent, non racist and pledges to follow our US and Arizona Constitution is welcome to join us.

We have meetings open to the public where media are invited.

YOU CAN HELP: Writing letters, Attending County Supervisors meeting, Participating in Rallies, Collecting Signatures, Doing phone calls and of course, VOTING... you choose what you can and want to do to get involved.

Gianluca Zanna

Works in progress:


RECALL Sup. Tom Sockwell - FIRE County Manager Ron Walker

Unconstitutional 2010 Census is here! How to defend your rights!


Election 2012 Mohave County

Rating of Public Servants actually in office (coming soon)
(We provide you with facts and voting records)

First Amendment "battles" in Mohave County

Second Amendment "battles" in Mohave County

Support Arizona Businesses

10/04/2010 US Constitution is banned on Mohave County property

09/08/2010 Mohave County Attorney finally answers in behalf of the defendants.

August 12th 2010 Federal Lawsuit vs Mohave County has been Filed in Phoenix

Assaulted on mohave county property? Discriminated?
Ignored by our County Sheriff?


Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson at his best, violating the First Amendment Right of an American woman.

"You gave up the statement when you violated the Rules"
Mohave County Supervisor
Buster Johnson

Alleged Crimes under investigation

Recall Supervisor Gary Watson? Maybe not

Recall Sockwell: Over or Just Begun???

9:00 am May 3rd 2010 Mohave County has been served


Mohave County UNConstitutional "Hat" Dress Code... Selective Enforcement

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Our Motto is “We the People" not "YOU PEOPLE”, as supervisor Tom Sockwell called us
during the County Supervisor meeting (January 11th 2010).

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The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed.
The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.” –
Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1823.